2015 UC Merced Conference

The tenth Southern California Comparative Political Science conference will hosted at UC Merced on February 19, 2016. A .pdf version of the program with parking information can be downloaded here: Program


There is no registration fee but as lunch will be provided, we do need a head count. Please register by sending an email to scpi_uc_merced@scpi.politicaldata.org indicating whether you plan to attend by February 10.



Session I: 10:45-12:00

Christopher Kam  (UBC)
The evolution of electoral competition in Victorian England [.pdf]

Discussant: Brad LeVeck (UCM)

Adriane Fresh  (Stanford)
When are Revolutions Revolutionary? Political Power and Institutional Change During Britain’s Revolutionary Period [.pdf]

Discussant: Christopher Kam (UBC)

Lunch: 12:00-12:45

Session II: 12:45-200

Mona Vakilifathi  (UCSD)
Legislative Term Limits, Finite Time Horizons, and Ex Ante Means of Bureaucratic Control [.pdf]

Discussant: Nate Monroe (UCM)

Marie-Catherine Wavreille (UCSD)
When do Politicians Tie their Fates to Ballot Measures? [.pdf]

Discussant:  Jessica Trounstine (UCM)

Session III: 2:15-3:45

James Adams  (UC Davis)
“What this Election is About…”: Parties’ Issue Emphasis Strategies in Multiparty Elections [.pdf]

Discussant: Indridi Indridason (UCR)

Christine Cahill (UC Davis)
The Electoral Consequences of Strategic Ambiguity for European Political Parties [.pdf]

Discussant: Brian Williams (UCR)

Kathryn Wainfan  (UCLA)
Decentralization as Party Electoral Strategy [.pdf]

Discussant: David Fortunato (UCM)

Session IV: 4:00-5:15

Emily Ritter  (UC Merced)
State Cooperation with International Criminal Tribunals: An Investigation of International Warrant Enforcement [.pdf]

Discussant: Mike Thies (UCLA)

Paul Zachary  (UCSD)
History Favors the Victors, but does Justice? Evidence of Truth Commission Bias from South Africa [.pdf]

Discussant:  Courtenay Conrad UCM)

The Future of SCPI: 5:15-5:30

Post-Conference Fun:  TBD.


Each session consists of two-three papers and allows. In order to leave ample room for discussion, paper presenters are asked to keep their presentations under 20 minutes. Discussants should limit their discussion to 10 minutes. Presenters are asked to provide the discussants with copies of their papers in a timely manner (the email addresses are embedded in this link): EMAIL THE DISCUSSANTS. Your papers will also be posted on the SCPI website unless you indicate a preference for it not being posted.


We will meet in the Tuolumne Meadows Conference Room (SSM 230) in the Social Sciences and Management building. Looking at the map, you will notice that SSM it is the last building on the right side of the main campus road coming from the parking lots. It should be a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot. A map of campus can be found here.


​Those that have requested parking passes will find a space allocated for them in the LAKE LOT — it will be marked with your name. Those with UC passes​ may park in the LAKE LOT, LAKE LOT 2, or EVOLUTION VALLEY LOT. Be certain that your home campus parking pass is displayed.

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