Working Papers

SCPI I Conference, Feb. 18, 2011:

Kathleen Bawn (UCLA) & Zeynep Somer-Topcu (Vanderbilt)
Government versus Opposition at the Polls: How Governing Status Affects the Impact of Policy Positions

Florence So (UCLA)
The Consequences of Party Leadership Change on Democratic Elections

Garrett Glasgow (UCSB), Matt Golder (PSU), & Sona Golder (PSU)
New Empirical Strategies to Model the Government Formation Process

Miriam Golden (UCLA), Toke Aidt (Cambridge) & Devesh Tiwari (UCSD)
Criminality and Incumbency of Candidates to the National Legislature in India

James Adams (Davis), Caitlin Milazzo (Davis)  & Jane Green (Manchester)
Are Voter Decision Rules Endogenous to Parties’ Policy Strategies? A Model with Applications to Elite Depolarization in Post-Thatcher Britain

Jae H. Shin (UCLA)
Why Personalistic Parties? The Choice of Candidate-Centered Electoral Systems in New Democracies

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