Call for Papers – SC2PI at UCLA

We would like to announce the call for papers for the second semi-annual Southern California Comparative Political Institutions (SC2PI) conference at UCLA on September 16, 2011. The conference series rotates among institutions in Southern California, bringing together scholars interested in the quantitative and formal study of political institutions. We are interested in papers on political institutions broadly speaking, whether focused on a comparative analysis of political institutions or the effects of particular political institutions on individual behavior.

Faculty and advanced graduate students are invited to submit papers. If you have a paper you would like to present, please respond to this email with the title and abstract (or, alternatively, with the paper itself.) Please also respond if you are interested in attending the conference.

The first conference in this series (held last February) was very successful — you can view the program here. We hope to replicate that success and will follow a similar format. We look forward to seeing you on September 16.

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