SCPI-VII @ USC Program

The seventh Southern California Comparative Political Science conference will hosted at USC on March 7, 2014 by Diana O’Brien. A .pdf version of the program can be downloaded here: Program


There is no registration fee but as lunch and post-conference dinner in an informal setting will be provided, we do need a head count. Please register by sending an email to indicating whether you plan to attend lunch and/or dinner by March 1.



Session I: 10:45-12:00

Saul Cunow (UCSD)
More is Less (Representation): Choice Set Size, Information Acquisition, and Correct Voting in Multimember Districts [.pdf]

Josep Asunka (UCLA)
Explaining the Sources of Non-Discretionary Distributive Politics in Africa [.pdf]

Discussant: Nick Weller (USC)

Lunch: 12:00-1:00

Session II: 1:00-2:15

Cesi Cruz (UCSD->UBC)
Buying One Vote at a Time or Buying in Bulk? Politician Networks and Electoral Strategies [.pdf]

Julien Lebonne (Oxford)
Local Political Business Cycles. Evidence from Philippine Municipalities [.pdf]

Discussant: Devesh Tiwari (UCSD)

Session III: 2:30-3:45

Diana O’Brien  (USC)
Rising to the Top: Gender, Political Performance, and Party Leadership in Parliamentary Democracies [.pdf]

Heather Stoll (UCSB)
Legislative Policy-Making Authority, Party System Size, and Party System Aggregation [.pdf]

Discussant:  Mike Thies  (UCLA)

Session IV: 4:00-5:15

Benjamin Nyblade (UBC)
Leaders, Voters and Rent-Seeking Parties [.pdf]

David Fortunato (UC Merced)
Executive Coalitions, Shadow Chairs, and Legislative Review [.pdf]

Discussant: Christopher Kam  (UBC)

The Future of SCPI: 5:15-5:30

Post-Conference Fun:  Beer & Italian Food outside Parkside International Residence College.


Each session consists of two papers and runs for an hour and fifteen minutes. In order to leave ample room for discussion, paper presenters are asked to keep their presentations under 20 minutes. Discussants should limit their discussion to 10 minutes. Presenters are asked to provide the discussants with copies of their papers in a timely manner (the email addresses are embedded in this link): EMAIL THE DISCUSSANTS. Your papers will also be posted on the SCPI website unless you indicate a preference for it not being posted.


The conference will take place at University of Southern California in Room 107 of the Parkside International Residence College. Attendees who requested a parking pass can collect them at Entrance 6 on Vermont Avenue at 36th Place. They can then proceed to Parking Structure A. A map of campus can be found here.

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