Conference Program: SCPI XII @ CGU, 2/17/17

The twelveth Southern California Comparative Political Science conference will be hosted at Claremont Graduate University on February 17, 2017. A .pdf version of can be downloaded here: Program. The papers will be uploaded as we receive them from the presenters.


There is no registration fee but we do need a head count for lunch and dinner. Please RSVP by clicking here indicating whether you plan to attend by February 17 and whether you are willing to serve as a discussant.


Introductions: 10:30

Session I: 10:30-11:45

Annika Fredén (Gothenburg), Emma Bäck (Gothenburg), Hanna Bäck (Lund), Holly Knapton (Lund) & Sverker Sikström (Lund)
Threat Amplifies Voting for the Status Quo as Revealed by Statistical Semantic Analysis of a Brexit Experiment [.pdf]

Discussant: Kathryn Wainfan (UCLA)

Jason Wu  (UCSD)
A Spatial Valence Model of Political Participation in China [.pdf]

Discussant: Michael Thies  (UCLA)

Lunch: 11:45-12:45

Session II: 12:45-2:00

Christopher Kam  (UBC), Anthony Bertelli (NYU) & Alex Held (UBC)
The Electoral System, the Party System, & Accountability [.pdf]

Discussant: Geoff Allen  (UCSB)

Jacob Meyer (CGU)
Imbalances, Adjustment, and Reactions: Institutions and Banking Crisis Incidence [.pdf]

Discussant:   Maxim Ananyev  (UCLA)

Session III: 2:15-3:45

Geoff Allen (UCSB) & Matthew David Jenkins (UCSB)
Compensatory vs. Parallel: Comparative Strategic Impacts of System Choice [.pdf]

Discussant: Shaun Bowler (UCR)

Charles Crabtree (Michigan), Matt Golder (Penn State), Thomas Gschwend (Mannheim), & Indridi Indridason (UCR)
Campaign Sentiment in European Party Manifestos [.pdf]

Discussant: Annika Fredén (Gothenburg)

Session IV: 4:00-5:15

Tyson Roberts (UC Irvine)
Under What Conditions Does Co-optation Deter Violent Overthrow? [.pdf]

Discussant: Eunyoung Ha (CGU)

Maxim Ananyev (UCLA)
Political Economy of Corporate Tax Compliance: Evidence from Firm-Level Data on Connections to Tax Havens [.pdf]

Discussant:  Bezares Calderon (CGU)

The Future of SCPI: 5:15-5:30

Post-Conference Fun:  5.30: Dinner at Indridi’s house.

Each session consists of two papers. In order to leave ample room for discussion, paper presenters are asked to keep their presentations under 20 minutes. Discussants should limit their discussion to 10 minutes. Presenters are asked to provide the discussants with copies of their papers in a timely manner (the email addresses are embedded in this link): EMAIL THE DISCUSSANTS (to be updated). Your papers will also be posted on the SCPI website unless you indicate a preference for it not being posted.

We will meet in room 12 of the Burkle Family Building located on 11th street between College Avenue and Dartmouth Avenues.

Free parking is available in a parking lot just north of the building on 11th Street (also named Drucker Drive). Street parking is also free in Claremont. A map of campus can be found here:

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