SCPI-IX @ UCR, March 26, 2015

The ninth Southern California Comparative Political Science conference will hosted at UCR on March 26, 2015. A .pdf version of the program with parking information can be downloaded here: Program


There is no registration fee but as lunch will be provided, we do need a head count. Please register by sending an email to indicating whether you plan to attend by March 19.



Session I: 10:45-12:00

Patrick Dumont & Bernie Grofman (Luxembourg & UC Irvine)
The Power of Power: Party System and Coalition Types [.pdf]

Zsuzsanna Blanka Magyar  (UCLA)
In Opposition to the Opposition [.pdf]

Discussant: Chrisptopher Kam (UBC)

Lunch: 12:00-1:00

Session II: 1:00-3:00

Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson & Indridi H. Indridason  (Iceland & UC-Riverside)
A Change is Gonna Come [.pdf]

Julia Lee (UCLA)
Do Female Politicians Improve the Quality of Basic Services? [.pdf]

Geoff Allen  (UCSB)
When Defection is Not an Option: The Resilience of Ethnic Minority Parties in the Face of Strategic Voting Incentives [.pdf]

Discussant: Benjamin Nyblade (UBC) & Michael Thies (UCLA)

Session III: 3:15-4:40

Haifeng Huang & Serra Boranbay  (UC Merced & Carnegie Mellon)
Media, Protest Diffusion, and Authoritarian Resilience in China [.pdf]

Paul Zachary & William Spaniel  (UCSD & Rochester)
Getting a Hand By Cutting Them Off: How Uncertainty over Political Corruption Affects Violence [.pdf]

Discussant:  Devesh Tiwari  (UCSD)

The Future of SCPI: 4:40-5:00

Post-Conference Fun:  TBD.


Each session consists of two-three papers and allows. In order to leave ample room for discussion, paper presenters are asked to keep their presentations under 20 minutes. Discussants should limit their discussion to 10 minutes. Presenters are asked to provide the discussants with copies of their papers in a timely manner (the email addresses are embedded in this link): EMAIL THE DISCUSSANTS. Your papers will also be posted on the SCPI website unless you indicate a preference for it not being posted.


The conference will take place at University of California, Riverside in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building, room 1500. A map of campus can be found here.


Attendees with parking permits at other UC campuses park for free on campus. We will arrange for parking permits for other attendees so please indicate whether you need one when you register for the conference. In either case, when you arrive on campus go to the parking booth located in front of parking lot P1/V1.

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